Succulent Slow Cooked Turkey Breasts

Sous Vide turkey breasts, cooked by Heartland Fresh Foods, are slow cooked with a choice of seasoning.  We cook them to a precise time & temperature that makes them moist and juicy every time.  Keep it simple with Salt & Pepper or ‘kick it up a notch’ with the Cajun spiced Turkey Breast.   Delicious turkey has never been so easy.

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Salt & Pepper Turkey Breast
  • Clean Ingredients
  • Seared
  • Slowed Cooked
  • Tender & Juicy
  • Available in Conventional or ABF chicken
3.5 lb-4.5 lb. vacuum sealed product / 5 in case

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Cajun Turkey Breast

A spicy blend of Cajun seasonings that are slow cooked for a tender turkey with an amazing flavor and aroma. Our juicy and delicious Sous Vide never contains preservatives or additives.

3.5-4.5 lb. vacuum sealed product / 5 in case