FAQs for QVC Products

Can I purchase directly through you?
Unfortunately, no. All items listed on QVC must be purchased through QVC. Shop QVC now for all Heartland Fresh items.
How is my product shipped?
All of our products are shipped in a cooler with dry ice. Although we do use expedited shipping, it is possible that the dry ice will dissipate during shipment.  Just make sure the chicken products are frozen upon arrival.
My product arrived with no dry ice remaining, is it still good?
If your product is cool to the touch, it can be refrozen and is still good. If your product is a breaded item contact QVC for replacement resolution.
How do I handle any dry ice that remains?
Always use caution when handling dry ice. DO NOT handle with bare hands. DO NOT taste or put in mouth.  It will eventually dissipate, even faster if exposed to air.

Chicken Fried Chicken FAQs

I purchased Chicken Fried Chicken, how many gravy packets come with it?
Currently not all of the skus for Chicken Fried Chicken come with gravy packets and some older skus may have only included 1 packet. Please make sure to check the details of each item before purchase. Currently we are including two packets for every 10 Chicken Fried Chickens, check product description for further details.
Can I purchase additional gravy packets?
Yes you can, the item number is M72958
If I don't use all the Gravy that I made, what should I do with it?
Once the gravy is made it can be refrigerated or frozen, depending on when you think you might use it next. If kept frozen, just heat up enough for your next meal.
How do I store the Chicken Fried Chicken once the bag is opened?
The Chicken Fried Chicken should be kept frozen. Once the bag is opened and desired amount of pieces are removed, it should be zippered shut, and put back in the freezer.
How long will the Chicken Fried Chicken pieces be good for in the freezer?
They are good 1 year from the purchase date.