Sous Vide

Sous Vide refers to the Chef Prepared method of cooking products in a vacuum sealed bag.

Sous Vide Turkey

Sous Vide turkey breasts, cooked by Heartland Fresh Foods, are slow cooked with a choice of seasoning.  We cook them to a precise time & temperature that makes them moist and juicy every time.  Keep it simple with Salt & Pepper or ‘kick it up a notch’ with the Cajun spiced Turkey Breast.   Delicious turkey […]


Sous Vide Chicken

Gently cooked at low temperatures at a very precise temperature, our Sous Vide prepared chicken is vacuum sealed for ultimate flavor. Choose from delicious whole or sliced chicken breasts made with incredible flavors. We also offer Sous Vide Soups like Chicken Tortilla & Chicken Wild Rice. Sous Vide Chicken options include: Thai Chicken Whole Seasoned […]


Sous Vide Beef

Tender beef never tasted so good


Sous Vide Pork

Spicy, smokey and sweet!