Stuffed Chicken Breasts

Just brimming with today’s favorite flavors and ready for your grocer’s case! Our boneless, skinless chicken breasts are stuffed with different gourmet choices and wrapped with bacon, then topped with tasty herbs. Perfect for family dinners!


Breaded Chicken

Our lightly breaded boneless white meat chicken breasts are handmade using real, high-quality ingredients like cheese & spices – nothing artificial. Available in Original Southern or Italian Breading. Simple to prepare and enjoy a fantastic gourmet meal!


Meal Kits

Take your meal kits to the next level with premium proteins from Heartland Fresh. Choose from a wide variety of blast-frozen beef, pork or chicken. We offer our delicious chicken in your choice of ABF, Organic or Conventional. And all our proteins come as raw cuts or sous vide in consumer-friendly, multi-vac packaging so you […]